Your face


It is quite funny to decode students’ expressions in the classroom, I can tell whether they understand or not a lesson just by looking at their eyes while I’m speaking.

We are not always aware how much information comes out from our eyes when we have a funny expression. That’s why some photos capture moments we don’t really like such as the picture below.

Funny face!!

How to use your expressions

The issue is very simple, you experience something that makes your brain react. Brain reaction can be whatever the brain wants, as we’re talking about a quite difficult organ.

That emotion will definitely lead into a face expression. So I explain something, and my students put a funny face 😀

The opposite way

As stated in our previous post, we can do things the other way round. A face expression can trigger an emotion. This is NLP.

Try something as easy as correcting your facial expression while learning, so your body language tells your brain you’re happy.

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