Month: March 2014

Time Machine: Surrounded by cavemen!

Thirty year gap between the sweet and the bald one!

Thirty year gap between the sweet and the bald one!

 Time matters, and a lot. Imagine if you could travel back in time and get in touch with those things that were long ago. I just had a sense of this recently when I came into the house I was raised up. My parents are no longer there permanently, but they still keep it the same way it was back in my childhood, and I could compare what time has done to me by looking at my early childhood picture some thirty something years later.

If I am to fly back in time, there’s a moment in which I would not hesitate to go, let’s be a caveman!

DPChallenge. (more…)

The Cambridge Experience 2014

DSC_0054It’s been a busy weekend, but quite interesting. The most interesting thing has been the Cambridge Experience in Seville, where all language teachers of the area gather tho share our experiences and to brand new ideas about language learning.


SuperBaby has 5 senses

A smiling baby lying in a soft cot (furniture).

A smiling baby lying in a soft cot (furniture). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SuperBaby made it out of the Hospital, not knowing absolutely anything. None of us like to be left alone, so imagine how a poor little creature can feel when completely isolated from everything. She has to learn how her body is used and what she has. Listening becomes bearable once she gets used to the new levels, and sight gets clearer…


Musica Maestro!

Monkey yawning

Monkey yawning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are singing monkeys, believe it or not. Music is the essence of a language, and music is what really awakens our deepest feelings. Scientist believe we once were like the alouatta monkeys, known for being the noisiest animal on Earth. We do not know for sure how we started but the links between languages and music are so obvious we cannot think of a mere coincidence.



The power of language

English: NASA StarChild image of Stephen Hawking.

English: NASA StarChild image of Stephen Hawking. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I am reading one of the best books I ever had the chance to get, a brief history of time, by Stephen Hawking. It is the first time in my life I face such a deep knowledge of Physics, as that is not my subject, and I must say I am pretty much enjoying it! I obviously lack the knowledge needed to understand it all, but Mr Hawking has done an incredible work to make ignorant people like me understand a bit about black holes and imaginary time. (more…)

SuperBaby – The Born of a SuperHero

1132869262-43152Superheroes are not very different from us, apart from having super powers, they also face the same problems we all have. Marriage, shopping and getting the remote control at home at issues we cannot easily make without experiencing bad moments. But we can get some learning out of them, that’s for sure. Continue reading and get to know how SuperBaby learnt to speak, as you can also use her superpowers!

Follow this series about the greatest super hero of all times, SuperBaby, only at Thinking Languages!



World wide web

World wide web (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We use internet to keep in touch, and to get to know people around the world, that’s for sure, and so on I liked this Meet and Greet from Harsh Reality blog. For a new site with high hopes like this one is always a great thing to communicate with others, and everyone who wants to learn or is currently learning a language is welcome here!


Writerly Reflection

1137814689-10936Writing can be an inspiration, a necessity or an obligation. What I don’t understand is when writing becomes a problem for many, as it seems modern world means travelling on the fast lane with images, videos and wireless connection. But I cannot think anything more modern than writing!

DP Challenge



1133322692-4731If I could cut your head open and throw in just vocabulary in a second language, but not just a couple of words, all the terms a language has, and link each one of them to the translation in your own language, the result will only be a terrible headache and zero speaking competence! Translating is not your target, understanding is. (more…)