another liebster!

After one Liebster award, one of my nominees has nominated me back!

I’m not pretty sure whether this follows the rules, but I’m answering Ida‘s questions anyway, who wouldn’t do it after this wonderful blog called A Simple Note.

And as we are changing the rules a bit, I beg your pardon and I’m not going to nominate anyone this time, just my answers.

1. Dog or Cat? Why?

Definitely Dogs. I have had incredible love stories with dogs in my life, I see them as the perfect companions and I would sometimes wish humans were a bit more like them.

I don’t like cats. I can’t stand them at all. Certain animals never get fully domesticated, and that’s exactly how I see them, I don’t trust them at all. But don’t get me wrong, it’s not I have anything against cats… they don’t really like me!

2. Why do you blogging?

The reason why I blog it’s very simple. I want to change the world, and I had to start somewhere.

3. What is your most wonderful time for the past decade?

Me and my friend riding an old Kawasaki Vulcan 500 cc around Spain. We discovered wonderful places from our own country and adventure was our only motive.

4. What is your principle quotes of live?

If you think education is expensive, try ignorance

5. Where did you work for the first time?

Puff, I’ve worked too much! My first full-time job was as a helper in a construction company in my home town, so I had to help builders, electricians, plumbers… I was 14 and I ended up with a terrible backache. However; I had to do some more hard work stuff before that.

6. Do you love your job/ what you are doing today?

I love my job, still a teacher and still love it! It was the only one available after being rejected from rock star 😀

7. Where is your most frequently visited vacation place?

It’s been Almeria recently, a great desert area with the loveliest cliffs along the seaside, perfect for snorkelling.

8. Which one do you choose: sour or hot?

Sour, I think.

9. What is your favourite breakfast?

The Big English Breakfast if I’m guilty of gluttony, but if I fell healthy wholesome bread with olive oil and tomato.

10. Not sleeping well or not eating well? Your reason.

I get trouble sleeping quite often since I was a baby. Everyone has told me many reasons, but if I have to be honest I have not a clue about it, the thing is I cannot sleep well sometimes, but I am very used to my insomniac.

11. What is your favourite snack back to your childhood?



    1. Mmm, I don’t think it has a certain flavour, it is something quite weird actually. We call them gusanitos, which means little worms and I don’t think they’re very healthy but it was the only thing that made me stop crying when I was around two. Thanks for your comment!

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