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Fly on the wall

Australia, the 70’s.

Not having a lead singer was still one of the problems the band was facing. After the previous one, they didn’t want to take any other fake step, as they knew they could actually rock the world.

Then he appeared. ‘Gosh he’s quite old’ they thought, but he was so cool looking that wouldn’t be a problem… but he was drunk, and who knows what more… will he be able to make a proper audition? Would he actually be able to sing at all?

‘Hi guys, my name is Bon Scott’.

Fly on the wall.

I want to scape

When a man is called by the road, there’s nothing in this world to rescue him. The same old town seems so horribly ordinary that it’s lost its appeal. People tell him the same story once and again, and his┬ámind flies beyond the horizon.

So why doesn’t he flee? There’s always an excuse behind each limitation, and in modern society we’ve learnt how to worry about money, work, time and we have that strange feeling things would go wrong if we’re not here.

Should he be certain that there will always be a place called home, he would depart on an iron horse never to return.

Daily Prompt: Too Big To Fail

Nobody has the right to break your dreams

Dreams are the motivation of human kind. They represent the inspiration for getting to do things and only those who dreamt, achieved

What’s wrong with all the people trying to get me down to reality?


Why do we abandon?

English: The Eiffel Tower from below.How comes that many people sign up for classes and they end up angry and in the end they hate the subject?


Who wants to be lonely?

Loneliness is an interesting feeling, we despise it as much as we long for it.

tracksPhoto by Cheri Lucas Rowlands


Present Manifesto


I knew it was going to happen, but I just ignored the fact. There was even an old students’ meeting, which I didn’t attend… just to find by chance one morning what was happening to the school where I studied.