Do you think computers are stupid?

The first developers of IBM PC computers negle...

The vision of a future plagued with intelligent robots that slave humanity is surely something totally different to my PC…

I can’t live without computers, they’ve become such an important thing in my life I can’t stop using them. However; they tend to drive me crazy.

Computers are silly

I don’t know how much you know about computer intelligence, but yours is everything except smart. Artificial intelligence is still in its origin and we do not have any device at home we can call intelligent.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence (album)

Computers are extremely fast and effective machines, but they’re not clever at all. My PC can process millions of different databases at the same time, but it cannot understand that I want a certain format when I’m writing this post, and it keeps on changing the format all the time, and driving me mad!

So what’s intelligence?

Intelligence is the capacity of solving a brand new problem. It is not how you deal with things you already know, or how you tell what you’ve memorised.

Computers can process a huge amount of data, but cannot solve the simplest problems a three-year old human can.

For example, you pull a toy -say a car- with a string, and it moves. There’s no way of making a computer understand it shouldn’t move if you push it the other way, as the string is flexible. For a computer, logic says it shouldn’t move at all. Can you imagine anything dumber?

The average intelligence

It is not that I can’t stand mentioning Gardner here and there, but the multiple intelligence theory has finally ended up the IQ test, the most classy and stupid test ever.

When other types of tests were done by illiterate people, they could perfectly show a more than average intelligence in some fields. With the traditional IQ test they wouldn’t understand, they wouldn’t get any better than silly.

Believe it or not, the vast majority of humanity have the same intelligence level more or less. There are some different cases, those who are geniuses, or mentally disabled, which is basically the same thing, on excess or lack, and they cover a very little percentage of us.

Study, work and make it happen

Success for a student is defined by different causes, specially work, of course, but also the way we face things. No need to say that a scared student will not give his or her best in a subject.

There are no magic people, no magic shortcuts, no magic magic, there’s only your determination to do something. All the rest is just an empty universe otherwise.

Move your ass and get back to work!


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