Bla, bla, bla – Get SuperBaby powers!

Nature has its own ways humans are trying to change, but you can’t swim against the current all the time.

Only children learn languages, adults only have to imitate them, besides┬áthere’s a┬áhandicap, we don’t like being kids again!


SuperBaby is Monkey see Monkey do

S U P E R  B A B Y

S U P E R B A B Y (Photo credit: Sari Tonkr)

The number of people who has requested SuperBaby real identity is enormous, and I must tell you it cannot be disclosed. Super heroes rely on being anonymous! But we’re lucky to get some more of her adventures in the world.


SuperBaby – The Born of a SuperHero

1132869262-43152Superheroes are not very different from us, apart from having super powers, they also face the same problems we all have. Marriage, shopping and getting the remote control at home at issues we cannot easily make without experiencing bad moments. But we can get some learning out of them, that’s for sure. Continue reading and get to know how SuperBaby learnt to speak, as you can also use her superpowers!

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