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 No matter you are a blog reader, one of my students or you just get to know this; you have the right to know who is behind all this, and what has motivated me to start this project.
My name is Paco Naranjo, and I am a qualified teacher specialized in foreign languages by the University of Malaga. I have more than ten years’ experience in education working as a self employed teacher firstly, and running my own grammar school then, Lingua-Franca. From there, me and my team are most dedicated to do our jobs the best we can.

But apart form all the formal aspects of my presentation, I am many more things, such as a motivated bass player in a rock band, a motorcycle enthusiast and a wannabe professional writer.

I spend most of my life dreaming, and when I’m not I am probably sleeping!

I have lived in several places not worth mentioning now, but I must say I am luck to have returned to my hometown Costa del Sol, and I currently live in the little town of Cancelada, in the middle of the Costa and the luxurious resorts you can still find a piece of mind in here.

Thinking is my motivation, and as a science lover I only wish to present my thoughts on many different topics and try to get a piece of mind… would you come with me?


    1. Hi Ida, your blog is really interesting and it’s my pleasure to follow you, which I also recommend others.

      I’m glad you liked Spain, it is a great land full things to see and to do and I recommend it to everyone as it is one of the most special areas in Europe. Let’s see when I get the chance to visit your country!

      Thank you and welcome 🙂


  1. Hi Paco I am enjoying your website. It is great to know more about you. Costa del Sol is so beautiful, what a terrific place to live! All my good wishes Lita


  2. Hola Paco! WeSpeke is a free, safe, global online platform designed for practicing languages, sharing cultures, and making international connections. Through WeSpeke, learners build language skills through collaborative and immersive conversations with native speakers using text chat, audio chat and video. WeSpeke uses patent pending matching technology to bring individual users together based on complementary language interests and common life interests. Check it out at:


  3. I have a beautiful daughter who tends to see her flaws rather than her virtues so your comment on kindness rang very true. We seek in others what we do not believe we possess. It matters not what others think because we become our harshest critics.

    Being aware of others is easier than learning to know ourselves, but knowing ourselves and being pleased with what we see , is the key to happiness. If I were to eloquently describe my understanding of kindness, it would not be your understanding , because we have different life experiences, so we are who we choose to be. We keep what we want and discard the rest .

    I am not impressed by a beautiful smile unless that smile is reflected in the person’s eyes.
    I see a smile in your eyes and that is usually reflected in your heart. Tomorrow you will be richer because of the people who left one though in your mind, if they also touch your heart,
    you will be a happy man. Others cannot make us happy or kind, we do that ourselves, but I liked your comments.

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    1. Thank you for your comment Vallihi. I think you refer to this post and I really appreciate your thoughts and your time.

      I truly believe that everything to be found resides in ourselves, and the interior search can lead us to unexpected conclusion we couldn’t even imagine, and feelings come from inside our hearts as you say.

      However; I also believe that some exterior events can trigger those feelings we didn’t even know they existed. That’s why this life is so interesting, as it’s so different for each individual and we can enjoy it in so many different ways, despite the fact we’re all living the same existence!


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