A radical change!

Hi everyone!

I really must apologize for the lack of posts and I feel like giving you the reasons for all that and what I am to do next.

When I started http://www.thinking-languages.com I was really excited about sharing a bit of what I do and help people learning languages as much as I could. I am happy with the feedback and the followers I got, which were not too many, but highly recommended people.

It’s been a while now, and I keep struggling to keep a diary here as I am in far too many things. Dealing with my school website is something keeping me busy online and I had to decide for something. Lots of things came accross my mind, and I finally decided what to do.

I sometimes publish former articles from this blog in http://www.lingua-franca.es, and I will continue doing that so my students can find them easily. What I am doing with this one will be to publish only videos from now on, so it will become a video blog. It seems I’ve grown a sympathy for the camara and I can keep you up to date easier.

Thank you all, and please, let’s keep thinking!


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