The French Connection – Boosting your mind for languages

A trip of nearly 5,000 km across Europe has got me quite busy lately… and  that’s why you haven’t heard too much from me. I remember my last holiday, and how I left plenty of scheduled posts for the blog, something that hasn’t happened this time as I really needed to get some time off, and so I did. We all deserver that from time to time.

And in my adventure trip across Europe I have been riding a motorcycle through some areas, and got in touch with different languages, Spanish, French, English, German…

I did some French at school, two years only. I didn’t really speak French and to be honest, I didn’t really care too much about it. However; I learnt a few words and I now know I would have ended up with a good level at French if I hadn’t ignored that subject.

Well, I took my chances and decided to go for speaking French to the French-speaking people out there. Nothing too hard, not an economy chat or political issues. Your language surviving skills pretty much depend on ordering food, asking for accommodation and the price of things.

Well, I did it! and I’m so happy about it! Because speaking a language is not only about memorizing stuff, and you don’t have to be an expert to communicate, we can start little by little.

The first thing you must work on is your mood. You cannot communicate unless you are happy enough and willing to do it. If you ever feel scared of speaking, it’s done, not much we can do about it.

Then comes your mind. It is very difficult to be mentally translating at all times, so you must let yourself go and not to think too much. When we are studying is when we really need to use our memory and translation skills maybe, depending on the level. However; go with the flow in a conversation, it works most of the times, and for those situations in which it doesn’t work, never mind, it’ll end up in a funny situation.

Yeah I said funny, not embarrassing, so don’t keep on saying the same old excuses about languages, nothing wrong will happen to you. Speaking a foreign language is something that can be done from a very early stage, so just go for it. If you can only say things in a way and sound repetitive, at least try to sound communicative and that’s it, you got it.

Chase your dreams!

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