New Horizons – Intensive Courses

It might have been a long time since I haven’t published, but I haven’t forgotten this blog, not have I stopped working on language learning acquisition. I have been on a quest for something better and bigger… and much much faster. I have been trying to search the perfect fast and super intensive method for learning a language, and I think I have found it!

Can we learn a language intensively?


A radical change!

Hi everyone!

I really must apologize for the lack of posts and I feel like giving you the reasons for all that and what I am to do next.

When I started I was really excited about sharing a bit of what I do and help people learning languages as much as I could. I am happy with the feedback and the followers I got, which were not too many, but highly recommended people.

It’s been a while now, and I keep struggling to keep a diary here as I am in far too many things. Dealing with my school website is something keeping me busy online and I had to decide for something. Lots of things came accross my mind, and I finally decided what to do.

I sometimes publish former articles from this blog in, and I will continue doing that so my students can find them easily. What I am doing with this one will be to publish only videos from now on, so it will become a video blog. It seems I’ve grown a sympathy for the camara and I can keep you up to date easier.

Thank you all, and please, let’s keep thinking!

Dedicated to all victims on Flight 4U 9525 except one

How could anyone ever imagine the real cause of the plane crash, is this world insane?

When suicide is the only possible way out in a person’s mind, what benefit could it ever bring to take down more people with you?


Present Manifesto


I knew it was going to happen, but I just ignored the fact. There was even an old students’ meeting, which I didn’t attend… just to find by chance one morning what was happening to the school where I studied.


The Power of Language – Goodbye Gabo

19/03/2009 La Ministra de Cultuta de Colombia ...

19/03/2009 La Ministra de Cultuta de Colombia Paula Moreno y el escritor colombiano Gabriel García Marquez fueron los encargados de entregar el Mayahuel de Plata a Victor Gaviria (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was an expected death, but still makes me feel bad, as if one thought our heroes will never die, but they’re humans after all. The death of the greatest living author in Spanish language has put him where he belongs, next to Quevedo or Cervantes, but I will still miss Gabriel García Márquez for a long time.


Marbella is happy

Just that you can have a quick look of where I live and how we are! Costa del Sol is among the favourite places in the world for language learning as we are also one of the most multicultural places on Earth!

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Listen to me!


Cambridge (Photo credit: Anton Ruiter)

I had the opportunity to attempt another Cambridge seminar, two in a row! Teachers are not used to working on Saturday mornings! But it was very interesting, so I don’t regret having been there at all, and it’s always interesting when teachers are told what and how to work! We focused on listening this time.