Your face


It is quite funny to decode students’ expressions in the classroom, I can tell whether they understand or not a lesson just by looking at their eyes while I’m speaking. (more…)

Let your brain do the work, and you take the fun!

Resting in the Sunshine

Humanity has always dreamed of a machine teaching us entire subjects while we’re sleeping, or at least without effort… and it might be impossible to learn mathematics like that, but not a language! (more…)

Listening Skills

Listen, Understand, Act

A foreign language sounds like a constant buzz to the new speaker. It can be very disappointing trying to get a message and not being able to, we normally blame ourselves or the speakers maybe, which is worse… Is there any solution?



Hearts Sampler Embroidery Pattern detail 1

Hearts Sampler Embroidery Pattern detail 1 (Photo credit: Wendi Gratz)

I think I have told you that if you want to learn a language, well, if you just want to live a full life, you need to put some passion into what you’re doing. You cannot learn something you don’t love, and the only way to learn something is by learning how to love it.


Thank you Brain!

Give a Little Whistle

Give a Little Whistle (Photo credit: c-lemon)

In the middle of our good resolutions, all of a sudden, that inner voice is telling you the bad things, the bad point of view… the infectious state of mind telling you that you better stay off duty and leave it to others… (more…)

Pendullum dance!

Brain scanning technology is quickly approachi...

I have insisted in many occasions that our brain does not differ reality from fiction, and that’s because our brain tries to build up a total image of the little it gets from our five senses.

Here’s a great video to prove it!


Make your brain work without effort

English: Paragliders on Graig Fan Las There we...

If I tell you to close your eyes and think of your favourite dish, you’d easily do it and you won’t have to make an effort for it. If I tell you to think of fifty different combinations of several ingredients and how to cook them, you’d probably tell me to shut up quite soon. What’s the difference? (more…)