New Horizons – Intensive Courses

It might have been a long time since I haven’t published, but I haven’t forgotten this blog, not have I stopped working on language learning acquisition. I have been on a quest for something better and bigger… and much much faster. I have been trying to search the perfect fast and super intensive method for learning a language, and I think I have found it!

Can we learn a language intensively?

I’m both a teacher and entrepreneur, and finding the very best method for language acquisition has been my goal since I started my career. I don’t think I have found a total solution as many students still struggle, but I strongly believe I’m on may way.

The Bad Student

Some students are bad students, let’s face it. The perfect student can sometimes show up as well, and it’s all a matter of attitude. I think I’ve spoken plenty of this on my posts previously, but worth reading them again.

I can take my responsibility, but it is quite frustrating when you break a promise and you have to blame students. It sounds like an excuse, but believe me, it’s not. When students comply, they always thrive with the course.

An Intensive Course

Intensive language courses cut both ways. They can be, on one hand, a miraculous way of learning, which implies your system is way better than others. On the other hand, they can just make you work harder than any other, so you boost results in time as you condensate and intensify work. Mine is a mix of both things.

I have developed a way to increase efficiency when learning a language, basically by ignoring most of the language itself and focusing on the core of it. It also implies hard work from my students, but they get the best results if they make all given tasks.

New Horizons

The content of each language is a bunch of words, so at the end of the day, what we need is to know those key words -the most used ones at least- and a system to put them together in speech. Languages can get really tricky, but what if I only teach you a system everyone can understand?

Key words are the basic elements of communication as they contain the most of the message. Communicating is something awesome as we can communicate with signs, pictures, body language… so actually communicating with key words is much more closer to proper speech right?

It is more than that, is the proper way of getting a message across in a human way. You’d be speaking soon no matter how low your level is. So I designed the entire course and made it happen. It’s been great so far and it’s making people speak Spanish in three weeks.

The same course is currently being developed to teach English, and you’ll get to know about it on this blog too and see how it develops.


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