The French Connection – Boosting your mind for languages

A trip of nearly 5,000 km across Europe has got me quite busy lately… and  that’s why you haven’t heard too much from me. I remember my last holiday, and how I left plenty of scheduled posts for the blog, something that hasn’t happened this time as I really needed to get some time off, and so I did. We all deserver that from time to time.



Calling the Earth


What’s the probability of alien life?



Small boy with a pet dog singing in unison. Th...

It’s a boys thing to fight friends. Girls argue a lot, but they don’t use violence as often as boys. Children are difficult when they socialize with other children,but no one can deny we cannot get angry with a dog…


Present Manifesto


I knew it was going to happen, but I just ignored the fact. There was even an old students’ meeting, which I didn’t attend… just to find by chance one morning what was happening to the school where I studied.


August thoughts

English: The beach of Cerca Nova. Porto Covo, ...

August is a magic month for me, because of all the experiences I’ve had in past Augusts really… and it has a lot to do with languages. (more…)

The end of the job interview!

English: A Pirate Flag, Made out with Skull an...

English: A Pirate Flag, Made out with Skull and crossbones.svg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s not that I wanted to get you hooked, it is that the funny story of what happened to me in London was a bit too long for just one post, so I think it is better to split it up. Let’s see how it all ended.