The Emoticon


Haven’t you noticed that hundreds of funny faces are invading our texts? πŸ˜€

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

The new technological era has brought back our feelings finally in a way it has never occurred in written language before. The emoticon is able to show our feelings, and we live in a world in which that is not a bad idea at all.

The power of technology

Asimov would be pleased to see how early humankind has adopted robotic devices in daily life. These days, most of us carry a smartphone which has a bigger capacity than the computers of the Apollo missions.

Many people claim we’re becoming less human with technology, and they might be right if we take into consideration how our social life has changed forever. We are in a cyber world and we sometimes forget there are humans before those devices.

But technology can also make us feel closer to each other, and the techno-child will have to learn the new values of society as long as learn some good old-fashioned things which now seem from prehistory.

Cyber evolution

Teachers in Finland are discussing whether learning how to handwrite is going to be useful anymore, as typing seem the most natural way for written language right now.

But for paper and handwriting fans like me, we will always have the chance to use them anytime we want. It’s like my e-book, once I bought it I became crazy and I read and read as if paper had never existed and I only wanted to read on a screen. After a while things balanced and I use either paper books or digital books indistinctively.

We Β mustn’t be afraid of the changes future -or shall I call it present?- may bring us, as the world is a constant change, the universe is constantly in motion and static means death.

Emotional Writing

Relating events and making them appear with a certain degree of emotion is something everyone can do. Telling an emotion in a way that the readers can feel it deep inside their souls is something probably only reserved to the masters of literature.

But we can all show how we feel instantly while using any smartphone, laptop, tablet or any similar invention by adding emoticons.

In speaking language, emotions come attached to words by our expressions, eyes, voice tone, etc. However; texts are a different stuff, and these words you’re reading do not tell how I am feeling while I’m writing.

Couples have had many problems texting, as it is easy to misinterpret one’s words, and believe it or not, there’s a little human perspective while writing because of those funny faces!



  1. Interesting post! I have never given it much thought, but I do find myself using those little emoji’s …probably far too much! My husband caught me pulling funny faces at my phone a few weeks back, and asked me what the heck I was doing? I was choosing the right emotion to express my feelings in a text – and looking like a complete idiot at the time! Honestly, I had no idea I was pulling the faces to go with the emoji’s! It made me think… wouldn’t it just be easier to write how I am feeling, rather than put a silly face? …Saying this, I do like an emoticon! You can tell a lot by a simple emoticon that you might not be able to get across via a text message!


    1. Good point Amanda, you could write our emotions, but we live in a fast world and emoticons can actually make things happen faster which we all thank. At the end of the day what we should never stop doing is talking face to face and show our real emotions looking right into the eye of the other person.
      Thank you!


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