Be water…

Inside ourselves, we all have dreams, outside our skin the real world starts and the picture of your own may vary hugely.

Like raindrops falling from the sky, we all want to be placed somewhere, to reach the higher expectations and to be known for them. That is my own personal case most of the times, like the little stream dreaming of becoming a huge ocean, besides it finds difficult to jump over the rolling stones.

And dreams can come in different shapes, and so does water. Some dreams are made of gas, they’re too difficult to handle and do not even keep the same shape; while others are hard as a rock, cold as steel and heavy as a stone. Icy dreams can keep you cold.

Liquid dreams are different. Water can be directed easier towards our intentions, a water stream can create a huge valley, but water is only effective when combined with patience.

This is my aim now, to be patient enough to fill an entire ocean of dreams.

DP Writing Challenge.


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