Calling the Earth


What’s the probability of alien life?

I was fascinated about aliens when I was a kid, I think most children are as the idea of green men visiting us during the Summer nights is very appealing for a child.

But as adults, using logic -and not our beliefs- do you think they exist?

UFO in the sky

One Summer night, we were sitting on and around one bench and we all started talking about UFOs. We were around twelve years old I reckon, and we’d had so much information about them that it wasn’t a strange topic to discuss about.

One of us shouted pointing at the sky, and there it was, a UFO. The terminology is clear, Unknown Flying Object, so as we didn’t know what is was, we can actually call it UFO. They were three lights, which seemed of three different colours, one was definitely yellow, another appeared greenish at times, and a blue one. The three lights, which were the only thing we could see, moved as one single entity. It was around the top of the mountain and stayed there for hours.

We called everybody, and many ignored us -like my father- and others followed us to different parts of the town to see it. It was fantastic we could get so much attention as they were even adults looking at the object.

But we will never know if that was an alien spaceship with green men, or a visual effect of lights different locations which seemed together to us from our perspective.


A real probability

The best evidence that life exists in universe, is that we are here. We do not really know about other planets, but as a matter of probability, when you get to understand how big the universe is, numbers claim that there might be life in millions, billions, perhaps trillions of different bodies of the universe.

Claiming that they are intelligent, and have created a society technological enough to visit us, can be seen as a dream or utopia, but I must admit I do not really know.

But let’s believe for a moment that aliens visit us, or contact us in any way… how would we communicate?

Earth as seen from voyager mission, our real volume in universe

Earth as seen from voyager mission, our real space in space

More info about the above picture in DailyMail.

Universal Language

There are two languages at least that can be understood in all the universe -well, with quantum physics is a lot to say, but I still dare! Those are Mathematics and Music.

We can communicate with aliens by the use of mathematical laws -well not me I must be honest- if they have at least our level, or we’ve got theirs. We tend to think aliens will always be smarter and more advanced that us, that’s the twist I love from the film Avatar, and the tribal society shown there.

They might flee away asap if they have to listen to some tunes, but good music will definitely enlighten many aliens.

And what about our human language?

While communication exists in nature, human languages were built up by generations. Grunts and body language would have evolved to modern words one way or another. But a language is something completely different from Papua New Guinea to Chile, and humans from different nations cannot communicate verbally.

But a human language is something very similar in essence. All human languages have the same concepts, and words like verbs or numerals appear in all of them, and here’s the big question:

The idea of all languages being the same is clear to me, as we appeared in Africa, and we left there once we could speak, so the first language was invented in Africa and therefore we went out speaking already.

But is the language the way it is because a language is a constant in universe, or is it that human brain cannot understand or invent a language which doesn’t follow our modern structure?

It’d be nice to decode dolphins’ language, as they might give us an answer to this question, otherwise we are in need to know aliens for this.


If the human brain is not capable of processing another language systems, the same way we cannot see ultraviolet light nor listen ultrasounds, we can still rely on technology if we get to understand their basics a little bit.

However; if the language structure is a constant in the universe, we’d be able to devise any sort of thing that allow us to translate from any speaking creature we find.

Language learning would have to change dramatically, and I’d lose my job unless I learn to recycle my knowledge and apply it to new necessities…

Yes, I know it’s a big and dense debate to start a week… any ideas on this matter? do you think languages are a constant in universe? do you think that only weird people like this blog’s writer would ask himself such a matter?

Keep Thinking!


  1. I think, I believe in UFO. Though I never seen it. :). But, with their veeery modern technology, if they really want to communicate with us. They will try so. I bet, at that time. You haven’t got any smart phone yet, Paco. Otherwise, I would see some UFO photos in this blog!


  2. Unfortunately smartphones didn’t exist when I was 12! 😀

    In my opinion, if I am to bet for alien life, I’d say that there might be planets with bacteria and other microscopic creatures which are the most common on Earth too, and if the really intelligent ones exist, would they want to have a chat with us? We might feel a bit boring to highly evolved creatures just chatting about Big Brother or Football…

    Thanks for your time Ida!


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