800 language country

Mount Tarvurvur in Papua New Guinea

Can you imagine a country in which 800 different languages are spoken?

What makes a region to have different tongues is isolation of the human groups. When we have different islands and different tribes which barely have contact among themselves, we get something as impressive as Papua New Guinea.


Pendullum dance!

Brain scanning technology is quickly approachi...

I have insisted in many occasions that our brain does not differ reality from fiction, and that’s because our brain tries to build up a total image of the little it gets from our five senses.

Here’s a great video to prove it!


Be happy!

I just watched this video I wanted to share with you.  It is not directly related to learning languages, but we can easily imagine learning a language can easility be included into the growing experience they advice.


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Musica Maestro!

Monkey yawning

Monkey yawning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are singing monkeys, believe it or not. Music is the essence of a language, and music is what really awakens our deepest feelings. Scientist believe we once were like the alouatta monkeys, known for being the noisiest animal on Earth. We do not know for sure how we started but the links between languages and music are so obvious we cannot think of a mere coincidence.



Baby, baby, baby!

A newborn child crying.

A newborn child crying. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hundreds, maybe thousands of songs have the title of this entry. Baby is a word that describes the most beautiful things you can think of, ourselves when we are newborn. A baby boy or a baby girl get our attention and leave us willing to care that little creature, basically because we see them defenseless, weak and in desperate need of protection. Well, that is true, but babies are always working, they’re always studying and learning.