Inside our heads

A rotating animation of the human brain showin...

A rotating animation of the human brain showing the left frontal lobe in red within a semitransparent skull. The anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) is sometimes also included in the frontal lobe. Other authors include the ACC as a part of limbic lobe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m very happy to find that we are currently more and more involved in finding out what’s happening inside our skulls. Human brain has been a total stranger to us for millenia, so much that we even thought feelings were in our hearts, which are a bit there too as emotions sometimes drive us, but there’s much more.


Listen to me!


Cambridge (Photo credit: Anton Ruiter)

I had the opportunity to attempt another Cambridge seminar, two in a row! Teachers are not used to working on Saturday mornings! But it was very interesting, so I don’t regret having been there at all, and it’s always interesting when teachers are told what and how to work! We focused on listening this time.



1132813589-336Imagine all the people, Thinking Languages in peace!

We’ve talked about paraphrasing, about your mood, about your brain, but we haven’t talked about imagination yet, and imagination is one of the greatest sources to be used when learning a language. The reason why you cannot translate or memmorise everything is simple, languages are not remembered in blocks, but built from zero each time you need to talk. And for building ideas, imagination has the power to make it happen.