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Rat race

English: An artist's depiction of the rat race...

English: An artist’s depiction of the rat race in reference to the work and life balance. See Made with following images: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wake up, have breakfast, go to school, go to work, go somewhere and get results, be better than the rest, be better than yourself, be better than anyone else. Get a mortgage, get a car, get a couple to raise kids, pay insurance policy, run, run, run… Aaaarrggghhh!!!!! Get me outta here!!!!!!


Make your brain work without effort

English: Paragliders on Graig Fan Las There we...

If I tell you to close your eyes and think of your favourite dish, you’d easily do it and you won’t have to make an effort for it. If I tell you to think of fifty different combinations of several ingredients and how to cook them, you’d probably tell me to shut up quite soon. What’s the difference? (more…)

The Power of Language – Goodbye Gabo

19/03/2009 La Ministra de Cultuta de Colombia ...

19/03/2009 La Ministra de Cultuta de Colombia Paula Moreno y el escritor colombiano Gabriel García Marquez fueron los encargados de entregar el Mayahuel de Plata a Victor Gaviria (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was an expected death, but still makes me feel bad, as if one thought our heroes will never die, but they’re humans after all. The death of the greatest living author in Spanish language has put him where he belongs, next to Quevedo or Cervantes, but I will still miss Gabriel García Márquez for a long time.


Are you a daredevil?

Fear - Graffiti

Fear – Graffiti (Photo credit: Jimee, Jackie, Tom & Asha)

Some people seem to risk their lives at all times, adrenaline addicts who dare doing everything. Learning, and basically speaking a language you’re learning is the most difficult task the student faces, and many fail, do you want to know why? (more…)


Embraced by Words

Embraced by Words (Photo credit: Robbert van der Steeg)

A word is a sound, which also has a written form, with a single or several meanings. Words vary in Grammar terms whether they belong to the noun’s or to the verb’s group, and they tend to be quite difficult as we think that unless we have plenty of vocabulary we cannot speak a foreign language. Can we communicate without much vocabulary? How can we remember new words?


How to lift up some weight

English: weight lifting

Yes, we are exactly speaking about that, how to lift up weight, which is a metaphor of how to face our daily obligations the best way. This post is totally related to the previous article which you should also read to understand the idea fully.


How to resist throughout time

1133322692-4712It’s much more difficult to do something for five minutes on daily basis for one year than doing the same thing for two hours non stop. Why? Five minutes a day is nothing really, but why do we forget? We’ll all be much better at everything if we didn’t. Living in a fast-moving world in which everything needs to be fast and with an instant reward doesn’ t help at all. Learning a language is totally the opposite, so there’s no denying it is a difficult task in order to go on and on and on…

But we can also solve this!