Job interview

At a job interview

At a job interview (Photo credit: Arroz y Asado)

It’s common thing nowadays that I’m asked about job interviews, and everyone’s willing to learn the keys for them, so I guess this may help some of you as well. It’s very difficult really, but I will try to help you out as well as I do with my students, by telling you what happened to me in a job interview.


Time Machine: Surrounded by cavemen!

Thirty year gap between the sweet and the bald one!

Thirty year gap between the sweet and the bald one!

 Time matters, and a lot. Imagine if you could travel back in time and get in touch with those things that were long ago. I just had a sense of this recently when I came into the house I was raised up. My parents are no longer there permanently, but they still keep it the same way it was back in my childhood, and I could compare what time has done to me by looking at my early childhood picture some thirty something years later.

If I am to fly back in time, there’s a moment in which I would not hesitate to go, let’s be a caveman!

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