Drive your emotions, drive your life

English: Emotions
English: Emotions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you really think you are the captain of your soul? Are you really in control of your life? Are you heading to where you want to be heading? We all think we have more control in our lives than what we really have, so let’s go for it! (more…)

Make your brain work without effort

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If I tell you to close your eyes and think of your favourite dish, you’d easily do it and you won’t have to make an effort for it. If I tell you to think of fifty different combinations of several ingredients and how to cook them, you’d probably tell me to shut up quite soon. What’s the difference? (more…)

Feeling lonely


Nerd (Photo credit: bayat)

There’s something about learning that makes us feel lonely sometimes. I think it’s part of the magic of learning, but some people feel it a bit discouraging. During Easter holidays my school is still open, and I have the opportunity to have more relaxed lessons and chat with my students, and there was a comment that made me think a lot: “I don’t want to study because I don’t want to be a nerd“.