SuperBaby is Monkey see Monkey do

S U P E R  B A B Y

S U P E R B A B Y (Photo credit: Sari Tonkr)

The number of people who has requested SuperBaby real identity is enormous, and I must tell you it cannot be disclosed. Super heroes rely on being anonymous! But we’re lucky to get some more of her adventures in the world.


More Law of Attraction

"Gathering the Light" from the Taois...


It is very trendy these days, I know, and millions of people are aware of it these days and trying to reach their goals by the law of attraction. I must confess I had my reserves at first about it, but I read about it and found out what it’s been said about it is actually quite good.


The end of the job interview!

English: A Pirate Flag, Made out with Skull an...

English: A Pirate Flag, Made out with Skull and crossbones.svg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s not that I wanted to get you hooked, it is that the funny story of what happened to me in London was a bit too long for just one post, so I think it is better to split it up. Let’s see how it all ended.