adult learning

The most spoken languages in the world

Which do you think is the most spoken language in this planet?



Visual World – The Power of Images

An image is probably the clearest source of information for us

A picture is worth more than a million words


Culture – A fish out of the water

English: Baby diving Deutsch: Tauchender Säugl...

Hey! Are you super cool? do you always know what to say and how to act? Are you sure? We have to test you outside your known circle and manners.


Too old for languages?


Sweet Old Lady

It is a common belief that our ability to learn a language shrinks as we grow old. That’s not true, or at least not completely true. You can find the reasons why old people find it more difficult to learn a language and the solution to your problems. (more…)

Bicycle with side wheels

English: Stay stable riding a bike at slow spe...

Learning a language is like learning how to ride a bicycle, we normally need side wheels, which are a great way of learning, but there’s a moment in which we have to dare to go without help.