The Cambridge Experience 2014

DSC_0054It’s been a busy weekend, but quite interesting. The most interesting thing has been the Cambridge Experience in Seville, where all language teachers of the area gather tho share our experiences and to brand new ideas about language learning.



World wide web

World wide web (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We use internet to keep in touch, and to get to know people around the world, that’s for sure, and so on I liked this Meet and Greet from Harsh Reality blog. For a new site with high hopes like this one is always a great thing to communicate with others, and everyone who wants to learn or is currently learning a language is welcome here!


Bono, U2 lead singer, had a great idea for Spain!

Bono, from U2, had great idea. Instead of cutting expenses and all those things politicians seem to love and people seem to hate, make the people spend and so on Spanish economy can improve by promotion.

Fauxlivia implies that U2 lead singer Bono is ...

Fauxlivia implies that U2 lead singer Bono is not well known in the parallel universe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Mobile learning

I know I’m not talking about anything you don’t know, but I just want to remind you this blog can also be read on your mobile phones. The design has been improved so you can read it from your smartphone too, so no more excuses, you can read us anywhere!

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teclado-futbol-periodismo-comunicacionNothing but respect to the new education tool being developed in Scotland right now, I refer to Consolarium, a project in which contents are taught throughout new technologies. Videogames must become an efficient tool to be used wisely, instead of the evil thing some think they are. Time for a change!

A road that starts

Nothing can be more appealing than the commence of a new project, and with all the happiness and pride, we present Thinking Languages! Int. to you all. This is a blog in which you’ll find the best advice about learning languages, no matter which one you want to study.

But don’t get us wrong, as this is not a blog in which you will learn, not even study, a language. This is a blog about how to study and learn them properly. No miracle ways, no empty promises as you may find somewhere else. This is a revolutionary method that will guide you in your effort, only if that’s what you want. Our tips will help you with your studying and you will reach your goal not only faster, but you will get a much better confidence in yourself, and you’ll learn significantly, not memorizing as if you were a parrot.

The whole process of learning a language is a natural event that takes place naturally in us all. This will enable us to use the same processes mother nature uses when teaching babies, and use them in our advantage, but with the knowledge and experience of an adult.

After ten years experience teaching students in classes, I am to widen the range of my lessons to the entire world, to everyone willing to hear, by using the two more important languages in the world, Spanish and English. I know with hose two lingua francas, the vast majority can be reached, and learning a language will no longer be a struggle for those of you willing to communicate in a foreign language.