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Do you know who are the millenials? I didn’t know it a while ago until someone recommended me the video below.

The cool thing is that I am a millenial, a very old one but I’ve been excluded from the X generation, that what happens when you’re born in the edges of what sociologists call a generation.

I really am happy to belong to millenials as, according to the video, they seem nicer 🙂 and a bit more open minded.

If there’s something that really makes me proud is how millenials have learnt and are learning new languages, which is something in which the X generation, as far as I know, was not willing to do. Millenials work abroad, love travelling and getting in touch with other cultures, we’re the internet kids after all.

And no matter how old you are, if we are living this moment, we better go with the flow.

P.S.: Sorry as I am not updating this too much, and definitely not as often as I used to… changes in my life, my career and perspectives. Be back on track soon!


Dedicated to all victims on Flight 4U 9525 except one

How could anyone ever imagine the real cause of the plane crash, is this world insane?

When suicide is the only possible way out in a person’s mind, what benefit could it ever bring to take down more people with you?


Fly on the wall

Australia, the 70’s.

Not having a lead singer was still one of the problems the band was facing. After the previous one, they didn’t want to take any other fake step, as they knew they could actually rock the world.

Then he appeared. ‘Gosh he’s quite old’ they thought, but he was so cool looking that wouldn’t be a problem… but he was drunk, and who knows what more… will he be able to make a proper audition? Would he actually be able to sing at all?

‘Hi guys, my name is Bon Scott’.

Fly on the wall.