Multicultural = Multilanguages

I’m not a Queen, I’m a Khaleesi!

Millions of us have got into Game of Thrones. I love the series, and I strongly regret not having read the book firstly as I think I would have enjoyed it more.

We also have a similar example in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, in which inhabitants of Middle Earth shared a land, but not quite a language.

Languages exist even in fictional stories, and they make the world much more richer and more multicultural. We have experienced lots of problems in history because of this, and we are in need of a new philosophy which includes the journey to the real multicultural humanity.

Internet is democratizing many things giving the access to everyone, but some are losing the battle against multiculturalism as English is covering pretty much of the internet these days. Internet should be used for linking different ideas and languages. But when the main supporters of internet -those of us who make big or small, good or bad content- mainly stick to one language, we are at risk of repeating ourselves.

Some might wonder the reason why I am not writing Spanish then, which I do in other websites. However; I am contributing my way by publishing in a foreign language, despite the fact it is the one most used.

English language is still common language, as Tolkien called it, in this fast changing modern world, and not just in Middle Earth. But never forget ’twas Latin before! It is from Latin language that I took the old fashioned term of lingua franca, which is also how I named the school where I work.

A lingua franca is the common resource peoples from every corner of the world can use to communicate effectively, and history proves they have a beginning and an end, so which is coming next?

Is it going to be Arabic, Chinese maybe? It is difficult to say, we cannot efficiently predict the weather for next week, so imagine how this goes.

But I believe we are in need for a system to join all languages together. I really am working on it now, at least at an essential level of communication, as we need to join all our knowledge so we can learn from each other.

Words count, so count on them.

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