Shout it out loud!

What stops the majority of language learners is their own attitude towards speaking

You have to speak to learn, you cannot learn to speak

When a person starts studying a language, the most obvious thing to do would be to use any of the vocabulary or expressions they’re learning in any circumstances, such as leaving messages to your partner or friends in tongues.

However; there exist another kind of student who would never want to try to speak the language he or she is learning…

Who do you think will learn?

It’s quite obvious the more you speak, the faster you learn. Being in a funny mood and using the language has many advantages. Firstly, you practice it, so it’s like studying, secondly, you get used to the language and using it would not embarrass you any longer.

But the main reason for doing this is that the students who do it will prepare their brains to use the language actively, which means their brains will create a new system of wires (yeah, neurones and synapses are pretty much like wires) which will help them to locate the new knowledge. On the other hand, those students who do not practice or do not speak at all, will not create the necessary linguistic wires.

Let the world know

If you’re learning a language, shout it out loud! Let the world know about it and feel proud of it, as a baby would do, come on!


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