Dedicated to all victims on Flight 4U 9525 except one

How could anyone ever imagine the real cause of the plane crash, is this world insane?

When suicide is the only possible way out in a person’s mind, what benefit could it ever bring to take down more people with you?

For those of you who have regularly read my blog, you’d notice that it’s been a few days since I posted the black ribbon below this post. I postponed e-lesson I was writing as I felt in the need of presenting my respects to the victims.

Transporting humans is something so habitual these days we take its security for granted, as if there would never be a trip of no return. But we see the teeth of the beast when shocking news hit our TV sets, and we feel so small in the fate of destiny, we feel our tamed human instincts.


The world is not helping you to be happy, and modern society is responsible for an alarming number of depressed people, which means our society must be strongly depressing for all of us. Besides this reality, the majority of people survive the ups and downs of time as best as we can. We learn in the process and we grow wiser.

However; constant sadness can lead a person into an spiral of decay, and only wish for the loneliness and apathy that feeds your melancholy. It is a curse for a human to fall that deep in the helpless sadness for no apparent reason.

Inside each of them, there are the keys to stand proud and live a happy life. Should they not find it by themselves; help can be asked. We currently have the most evolved medical techniques and tools to control or even cure some of the most dangerous mental diseases.


But some do not attempt the path of salvation. An ill person should not be judged by some of their deeds, as the illness, even though it cannot excuse your behaviour, explains why you did it.

I can imagine how desperate a person must be to commit the final act and leave this life voluntarily, and I guess their pain is so deep, death seems the only way to put an end to all that suffering.

I pity them, of course, as they’ve missed the flower of life, and they passed by on this Earth entangled in the thorns. Their emotions are contaminated by a strong poison that ruins everything they perceive.

But I cannot understand how in their desperate cry, they opt for pushing emotions, lives, names, relatives, love, dreams and intentions for  living with them, as if they envied what they didn’t know how to obtain from life, so they decide for erasing smiles with their evil tears.

Why didn’t you just hung yourself?

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