We cannot choose where we are born, but we can definitely choose to improve it.

The place where I live is not a city, not even a town. It is allegedly a suburb of another town, but situated twelve kilometres away. Some believe it’s just another urbanisation for tourists, as the uncountable complexes built along the Costa del Sol, but it’s none of those.

Cancelada was built in the late 19th Century, as it only consisted on barracks where people could tie their cows and get some sleep after a hard day’s work. The first settlers were all employees of the landlord, the Marquis of Duero. Once the land was freed, they could own some pieces of it to build their houses, and rent some fields to work the land separately. This was due to the need of keeping the cattle safely locked between to arches, and surrounded by the houses.

I am very proud that my family on my mother’s side comes from this town, and I am using one of those first buildings as my language school. The place is magical, and I can trace all the families and people who lived in each of the houses on the street where I work.

The town has increased its size dramatically, and it has some of the most luxury hotels and restaurants of the Costa del Sol, and it hasn’t lost its own character. If there’s something worth pointing out, I would say it is the people who inhabit this beautiful village between the sea-side and the mountains. You can never find crazier people anywhere else!

Daily Prompt: We built this city

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