Cervantes dug-up?

So, it seems they have dug up Miguel de Cervantes today, in a long known quest to find his corpse so the greatest novelist in Spanish language of all times can actually be exposed to everyone

For those of you who don’t know, just let you know he wrote what it is considered the first novel in history, as the genre is known these days; El Quixote.

The book and the adventures of Alonso Quixano are the flagship of the Spanish language and it’s a text worth reading by anyone under the sky.

The city of Madrid was very keen on finding his old bones, probably to relocate him in a more honourable place with great pomposity, which is actually good.

A body with a board containing the inscription M. C. was found next to a bunch of bones which has been publicly exposed on television as the greatest event of the day.

Isn’t enough to have his works and poems? Do we really need to excavate the foundations of a five century church to dig up a bunch of bones? Why the heck are we so morbid?

You only need to start reading to get him back to life again…

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