Change the unchangeable

Nothing is harder to move than a person’s wrong ideas

Humans are anatomically designed to change-up their minds, equipped with a plastic brain that allows top performance. However; we don’t like changes.

I always claim I am an eclectic individual, but I haven’t been like that all my life. My thoughts and opinions have changed dramatically over the last twenty years.

I guess it’s a common thing to happen when you end up your teenage years and become and adult, or when certain experiences showed the obvious mistakes.

…and then, you just get it!

There’s a real bad feeling, which is the comfort of a strong believe in which you would swear to God you are right. The more radical, the more ignorant we are. And the problem is we normally feel very well in the strong believe of being right.

So I developed my own language system, I changed up my mind politically, I learnt to enjoy things I didn’t before, and this is the moment to question all that. I feel great when I’m preaching the world my ideas, but can I be totally sure they’re right?

We can never be sure we are totally right

Look around you, no matter what you know, what you see is a flat Earth here and there. Its flatness is only disrupted by some mountains, valleys and hills, but what you see is mainly flat.

The fact that most of human kind believed in a flat Earth for millennia doesn’t surprise me at all. What I find impressive is how a person could ever question that. Some faced death threat for saying what others were not prepared to listen.

We need to know that our strongest believes can be totally wrong, and it can just be a matter of ignorance or lack of data which is taking us to that certain path. But we must be very humble to recognise it to ourselves, and to the world.

The blind leading the blind

We tend to lie to ourselves, as our brain prefers the old good stuff rather than the brand new who knows what stuff which hasn’t been contrasted by a social group.

When people transmit knowledge, we can never be sure whether it is the right knowledge or not. At best, we can be referring to the best knowledge in that time, on that spot, but everything can be improved as history proves.

So, as we are blind individuals lead by other blind individuals, we have to rely on that knowledge to keep walking, and at the same time we must question what we’ve taken for granted just in case we can find something better.


Questioning your existence is not attacking yourself. We feel threatened when questioned, but it is actually a very natural process in which we can improve and learn.

People can sometimes question our actions or believes, and we can be suspicious about what their intentions might be, as we do not trust other people easily.

However; questioning yourself is a must do for any individual who really wants to give the best of him or herself to this world.

My method

It’s taken me years to develop a teaching system which worked well for both me and my students, it took me ages to make it work and to prove it with valuable results from learners, and I strongly believe I am right.

That makes me susceptible of failure, as I am a blind believer in myself. I will only change my own foundations if I ever find something better than what holds my theories right now. However; I am in the quest for a change, as something better can be found if I take the action.

So I might be in the position in which I’ve found one language method that could be better than mine, and if it is, I would embrace it until something even betters arises. That does not mean that I have to change my whole career, but I can implement it.

And just to let you know, I am studying that system and I found several important similarities with mine, and I discovered some fields in which I might have been wrong or I just ignored those facts.


I am investigating that new system and I have started studying a new language. If it works on me, it will work on more people and therefore I will have the chance to make it part of my own school and help others.

I will let you know on this regarding as soon as I can. Meanwhile, why don’t you question your strongest believes about everything?

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