Visual World – The Power of Images

An image is probably the clearest source of information for us

A picture is worth more than a million words

In the classroom environment, students normally have a great need of asking questions. It can be a bit too overwhelming for teachers, but that’s the way things should be, if students are too silent, it’s never a good sign.

I mostly try to answer all their questions, if possible, by showing them a picture. There are several reasons for that, but I can basically avoid mother tongues.

Google images

Technology has changed our world, and we must use it for our own purposes, so I can rely on it and use the projector rather than translating. Say that I want to teach someone the meaning of ‘horse’.

Translating is easy, but projecting google images on the board is something more interactive and sensorial which can be more easily remembered. This is faster and much more effective than drawing or mimicry, and children love it!

Sin título

A visual dictionary

We don’t really know, but we believe that most of the brain work consists on pictures, so why not feeding it with its own fuel?

Keep Thinking!

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