Nobody has the right to break your dreams

Dreams are the motivation of human kind. They represent the inspiration for getting to do things and only those who dreamt, achieved

What’s wrong with all the people trying to get me down to reality?

Because I once dreamt I could make, I could finally make it. The wish is the first step, and actions follow the ideas afterwards.

The Dull Guy

I know a vast majority of dreams don’t come true. Because we don’t work enough on them, or because we can’t always be lucky. However; I do not need anybody to tell me I am a dreamer and that what I believe is not going to be true.

Some people are unable to dream, and they wish the rest didn’t dream either. I am honestly happier when I’m dreaming. Inspiration has given me many a good thing in my life, and when I’m dreaming I’m not definitely pining.

Dream as much as you can

Being such a practical person as I am in my daily life, I do need a huge dose of dreams to get me going. Otherwise life would be too boring to live it. Whether the dreams come true or not, is not the important thing really, it is the mere act of dreaming what makes us humans.

And apart from all my ordinary dreams of becoming a rock star and to travel around the world :), there’s something new that got me like a little boy expecting a new toy. Who knows what the future will bring, but I don’t have it now, so if I don’t get it it wouldn’t make a big difference in my life, except for the good times in which faith makes me smile.

And if I get it…


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