Bla, bla, bla – Get SuperBaby powers!

Nature has its own ways humans are trying to change, but you can’t swim against the current all the time.

Only children learn languages, adults only have to imitate them, besides there’s a handicap, we don’t like being kids again!

When we have to achieve kids’ stuff with the eyes of adults, we will probably fail. Unless you are a total genius and can apply the academic way of learning you cannot speak a second language. So the first thing is that you learn what you are doing wrong on the following article.

5 things I do wrong and babies don’t.


Babies do not understand a single word they listen, but they get the empathy and perceive it’s a communicative system, and even though they don’t have a single clue, they imitate speaking people up to their possibilities. Babbling language is their best tool.

A language is a decoded system, and if you don’t know a word, you cannot recognize anything at all. But while you are learning, you start to see the picture and you start decoding the meaning. It is like a jigsaw really. So a baby will just get something similar to this picture.

By trial and error, a baby can decode the system and start using what they have, as they don’t have any model to compare with. It seems we forget how lost we were as long as we grow old.


Once children learn to communicate, they get the full picture and form the magnificent landscape of human communication.

But we forget how difficult it was to start forming a clear image of languages too soon, and the reason why is quite simple, you speak or you don’t belong. So connecting the different pieces is essential.

And we get so used to understanding each other we completely forget the miracle it really is. The most complex pictures make sense by themselves and you clearly understand effortlessly.

A new language

When an adult starts learning a new language, we feel ridiculously lost, as we are suddenly transported to our earliest childhood, when you couldn’t communicate, and we could only cry! Believe it or not, I have seen tears in my classes more than once, as frustration drove that person crazy. It seems the reflex is still in our genes.

So as listening, speaking and understanding seems impossible, the wisest thing to do is becoming a bit SuperBaby, and let ourselves go with the flow of the events. But adults tend to use their mother language to solve the problem, as they’re used to, and what happens? They never match.

Some believe it is just a matter of time doing grammar activities from a book until that very day a light bulb lights on top of your head and you can speak and understand the language perfectly. Did it happen to SuperBaby? I don’t think so.

A new system

A new language brings a new system, and that’s the first thing you need to understand to be able to achieve, how that language really works. When you’re doing it, you must forget your own language, and do not try to compare then, why would you? It won’t make you learn anyway.

So let’s go back earlier on this post, and earlier on your life, have you tried babbling being an adult? But I mean seriously. Give it some time and you will decode the system, but you obviously need to keep studying and practising other skills.

Cristina Kiseleff was born the same you and I were, not having a single clue of music. The difference is her passion, work, and studies, see what a human being can do!

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