The older, the smarter?

Ancient Greeks believed old men were wise, how come we now think the elderly are stupid?

Older people have an infinite source of experience to rely on, but when it comes to learning they seem dumber, what’s the truth in all this?

Adults are willing to learn, and in the field of languages, I can tell you there’s no age to start. I have been lucky enough to teach people who doubled -or even tripled- my age, which is a great challenge.

I learnt something from them, which might not be the older the smarter, but surely the older the wiser.

Experience Vs Energy

The very first thing an adult would tell you when coming into a class is that they’re too old to achieve, so they excuse themselves for future problems. The attitude is not right, is it?

It is true that time makes us age, it’s a fact, and our brain is also getting older, so it can get some slower too. But attitude is the real engine of your life, and it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you are, follow a simple rule: Never Give Up.

The older, the more experienced we are, so let’s use the tools we have and forget about those we don’t. I am sure that middle age people have gained enough experience to overcome many difficulties in life. It is just one more.

You are your enemy

The concept of enemy in a good way is constantly use in martial arts, even when we’re among classmates in a relaxed training. It is just someone who you must win.

In many aspects of our lives, we are our own enemies, and we attack ourselves with excuses, indulgence and laziness. What we get in return is boredom and an ability of not achieving anything. As we tend to compare ourselves with those who are much better than us, we believe we have to compete against that role model. Wrong.

The role model is your perfection model, you only have to compete against yourself just to be a bit better than yesterday, and go on.

Learning a language

I have no doubt that speaking more than language makes you a better person. The process is what actually take the people back from their goals, because it is always a long road to walk. We must keep the goal clearly in our minds and try to enjoy the way as well, otherwise you won’t reach the destination.

Adults may have more trouble to break the ice when socializing. However; once they pass through that barrier they’re much better at building a relationship. That is great for your goal, as you are in need of speaking as soon as possible once you start studying, so you need to meet new people.

Life span

Had I been born some 40.000 years ago; I would be a very old man right now, and I’m just 32, which is considered rather young in today’s world. We live longer, and we definitely live much better now, why wouldn’t you take advantage of it?

We are actually younger than ever before, and medical services in the western world at least, are helping us living a great life, so what are you doing with all that time and energy?

It is never too late

The very best moment to plant a tree was forty years ago. The second best moment is right now.

Move your ass!

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