What makes many people stable is the known feeling of never changing, which is a total aberration.

Is life a linear path for human species? Are we all bond to do what others have been doing?

I grew-up in a culture that promotes stability. Mediterranean civilisations are built around family ties, with a patriarch who works for money and who also believes is the ruling power; and a matriarch who really is the ruling power.

According to that, children had to grow-up, study, learn a job, do the job, get a partner, buy a house, refurbish it, buy furniture, get married, have children and start the whole operation again. Everything sounds too good to be true.

One life, many jobs

It seems obvious, but we’ve been encouraged to keep one job as long as possible for generations. If possible, getting retired in the same job you started when you were a young fellow seems right, but it’s an aberration for me.

Now-a-days, we are forced to change our jobs or we choose to do it, and the experience of learning and growing is great. A more traditional point of view is something outdated.

Always in motion

If we have a quick look to all the things we know, we’ll easily conclude they’re moving. The Earth is a huge rock travelling around another burning rock, which is also moving inside the Milky Way, which is also… yeah, you got the point, right?

Animals change, as little birds were once dinosaurs and we once were fish. Just visit a place you haven’t been in for five or ten years and you’ll notice at least minor changes as it ages, if not huge changes. When I go diving repetitively in one site, I always try to memorize some spots. It only works for a while as the sea bottom changes dramatically.

So humans are in need of flowing with nature, and that means we’re all in need of a change. One way or another, there’s always something to learn.

Re-directing your way

The inevitable changes might get us by surprise, or we might have expected then, but what about conscious changes? Can we do that?

Of course we can! The process is not different from quitting up smoking or learning how to drive a car. The steps are easy, and you may know them if you read this blog regularly.

What we definitely need to change is gritting, perseverance no matter what comes your way and never ever surrender, as the way is not easy.

So where are you going now?

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