A letter to Eleanor


Ah, look at all the lonely people…

Adult classes have the advantage of allowing me speaking about any topic, and I chose one I definitely like, as I believe there are more and more lonely people in the world out there.

Eleanor Rigby

I sometimes use this famous Beatles’ song for my classes, as the lyrics are heart-touching and easy to follow -especially for this, as students don’t find it too difficult. Some classes stand-out for singing, while other groups silently listen to it.

It feels to me we all feel lonely sometimes, and we don’t really like the feeling. I am a bit of a loner, and I travel alone, I work alone and I can do most things on my own. Besides, being systematically alone by mere imposition is not fair.

So I wanted to communicate directly with her by sending her this letter.

Dear Eleanor;
I hope you are well.

I know it's been hard lately, and things didn't come up as expected, but they never really do. If only you were any closer to feel the warmth of another person, I'd be delighted to accompany you... but things are never as expected.
Besides, you have plenty to fight for, and I really am sorry for the never-ending struggle we're all in. As I see it, there's always some faith left in the world worth fighting for, and the purest souls need to understand we are all alone together in this world.
Memory can fade away the good moments, but you know they are there, they've always been there, and unless you hit back all will be lost. Don't you remember the mother who once held you? Can't you feel your father's worries? You haven't forgotten grandma's kisses, have you?
Many had faith in you, and many others would if they knew your story, that one you tell no-one, and you keep for your own instead, just for you own. It's not pining time any more, especially when nobody's listening, it's the time to dress-up and hit the road as if you'd never been out before, time to live, time to die... time to let others get to know you.
You're not different from any other person, that makes you a unique individual with unique ideas and problems, and it is far too selfish not to share uniqueness in this clone world. Don't you feel different, we are all lonely at the end, and we get the illusion of company from time to time, but we have to overcome whatever gets in our way, whatever.
People must love us for who we are, and how can they if we don't really love ourselves? We deserve you around.

Kindest Regards,
Paco Naranjo


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