Enlighten us musically


Haven’t you noticed that a single angry person can totally ruin a nice meeting?

It is so good to be back at writing again, and having a new computer too! and I really want to tell you about the book I’m reading right now, Primal Leadership, by Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee.

Mr Goleman is the best-selling author of the Emotional Intelligence, which actually links with the multiple intelligences mentioned before on this blog. It seems we, little humans can have different intelligences in different fields.

The angry bast*rd

A group of people is hanging around, laughing and enjoying life when a single individual has the power to change everybody’s mood and bind all of them into anger and negativity, but why?

According to Goleman and his colleagues, a human brain produces certain vibrations while thinking, as a computer does while operating. This buzz is in essence a sound, so sounds can match each other as a guitar and a human voice do while singing.

It seems the capacity of tuning together that our brains have is huge, so when a leader shows certain emotion, that emotion will tune everybody’s brains accordingly, which means an angry person can totally ruin a nice meeting by transmitting a toxic mood to all the rest.

Enlighten me

But we can also have the opposite when a person who shows a pure emotion is near and I think everyone understands when  talking about the type of people who would cheer everybody up.

Mick Jagger instantly transmit his euphoria to thousands in a concert, which is a way to show how a master of the social intelligence works.

So this new subject I’m studying could actually bring lots of new good things to both my life and career really, can you imagine being able to make everybody happy around you?

Well it’s not going to be that easy, for sure, as some people won’t change-up their minds, but at least you know you should not get tuned to his rubbish thinking.


While teaching my students and while communicating with other people in general, I would try to show my very best vibration and promote an environment in which we can all feel relaxed.

The numerous implications this can have while teaching my students is what amazes me the most, as I have understood that many of the classroom’s problems I normally face, are nothing but the result of discordant notes between my brain and my students’.

If you’re a language learner, something who’s going to a job interview or just a person willing to feel happy, you can always try to tune up your brain with the rest of humanity’s, I think it’s worth trying.

Keep Thinking!


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