…and what if I don’t really like Christmas?

English: Cartoon of George C. Scott as 'Scroog...Imagine you don’t really like Christmas, and with all the hassle and preparations… would you dare to say it?

I woke-up this morning just to find out Mr Scrooge has possessed me!

Scrooge (1970 film)Christmas is the season everybody loves. I remember an old colleague at my work in London, when I was with the one-eye filipino and all that stuff, well I clearly remember her saying: “How beautiful, we’re nearly in Christmas!” which was something that impressed me hugely, and I couldn’t help but asking, “Weren’t you Hinduism?”

A celebration for everybody, but a misfit

She explained how Christmas has that capacity of lifting everybody’s spirit, not only the christians’, and I thought that was great really.

Christmas is always the time when you meet the old ones, when you don’t need an excuse for getting a bit too much wine (nobody counts after your third bottle) and eat as if you were not going to eat again in 200 years.

Great, I have nothing against the above. Eating is good, family is mostly good, friends are good (you can choose them) and wine is cool… but have you noticed Christmas is not about the above anymore?

The Coca-Cola fat guy

The mere idea of a publicity campaign that uses a fat guy dressed in red and white (Coca-Cola colours) for christmas and changing the way the entire world sees christmas forever is out of reach by most people who have a career in publicity.

English: I took photo with Canon camera.Assimilated by Saint Nicholas, the myth became profitable. Christmas became electric rather than candle lit, and checks and cash became more important than spirit.

The spirit of the Christmas yet to come

Dickens didn’t see it coming, but the spirit of the Christmas yet to come was a liar, as he didn’t tell us about his plans to change the real meaning of Christmas.

And the celebration will probably become more and more important, and I will like it less and less year after year, as I disagree with this since I was a very young lad.

I was only 12 when I won a prize writing on this same matter, and I can tell you that twenty years after that, I still see it worse.

The real Christmas

For me, the mere glimpse of a Christmas tree is a bit too much. As an ecologist I dislike the number of young trees cut down to death by our vanity.

And it can be I have sung a rough number of 100 Christmas carols in class and I’m starting to have a headache, but everything seems ready to scam you and take your money away.

Christmas is hard because not everybody can gather an entire family or group of friends, and we miss our distant or deceased beloved ones even more.

It is hard because apart from the rich minority, a vast majority cannot afford a Hollywood Movie Christmas, but children will break their parents hearts with their why’s?

Everybody will expect you to be happy, no matter how you really feel, it’s Christmas, act! Today is the date when we’re all happy, you can be sad tomorrow.

My real Christmas

Christmas for me is nothing, but the concept from which it developed means a lot to me.

Don’t wait until Christmas to spend some time with your friends and family, do it constantly as long as you’re alive, you don’t need Christmas for that!

Don’t wait until it’s Christmas eve for a present, we all deserve presents all year round, and remember, a present does not necessarily implies spending money!

You don’t need a fat guy nor a supermarket to remind you how much you love the world, you love the world on daily basis!

If we didn’t have calendars, Christmas eve would be nothing, it’s just a human measurement of time, the real Christmas is inside you. We might need to expand that Christmas day to all year round, so any day is Christmas!

If you have children, they deserve to know this:

Christmas is not an excuse to do bad things when it’s not Christmas. Christmas is how the good people should always feel, and an excuse for the bad guys to justify their actions the rest of the time.

It’s so easy to be good on Christmas it’s not even worth telling, can you do it all year round?

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