New Year’s dreams

We’re getting closer to the new year’s eve, the moment many use to promise something they’d like to change in their lives.

Giving-up smoking, going to the gym or learning a language are among the most common ones, but each of us has a different idea.


The vast majority of us would have given up by the end of January, so how comes that after being so eager to do something we simply give it up?

Here are the five reasons why we give up new years resolutions:

Reason 1 – We lie to ourselves

Many of the resolutions to do during the following year are not what you’d like to do, but what you’d like to receive freely instead.

If you want to lose some weight, you can either commit to working out in the gym, jogging, swimming or expect a miracle and wake-up much slimmer tomorrow morning.

When we have a resolution, we have to think of how we can achieve it, not just wish it in front of the fireworks.

Reason 2: We forget

It is very easy to make a promise, but not so easy to keep it up. We mostly break our promises and we do not commit our resolutions because we easily forget what we wanted.

Reason 3: You don’t really want it

To say that you don’t really want something you believed you wanted is probably a good way to lie to yourself. We sometimes give ourselves excuses like that and believe me, you still want it!

Reason 4: We’re not realistic

When you decide for a new year’s resolution, it is a great idea to try something a bit out of reach, but be realistic.

Many of us opt for something too tedious or something we’re just not ready to handle. There are not too difficult tasks as long as you are willing to go for it, but if you’re not, try something you know you can achieve.

ReasonĀ 5: Altogether

If you want to start a new business, learn how to ride a horse or quit your job, we can always resolve to go for it on New Years’ Eve, or you can make a plan.

If you take a complex task and divide it in sub-tasks, it’d be easier to achieve what you want to do. We sometimes bite more than we can chew, but cutting it into pieces it’s easier to digest.

Merry Christmas!


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