The new generation

My Generation

Each generation bring something new to a society, how is the new generation of kids right now and what will they bring?

I am 32 right now, so I’m not old, but I wouldn’t say I belong to a new generation. As I work with children, I can tell how different they are from me and I can see some of the differences with me and my peers.

Some might think that age is a matter of how you feel and whatever, if you’re ten years old, you don’t have to feel or think in any certain way.

Your situation

Each generation is born within a certain situation which actually shapes it. The next moments to live will not be as important as nothing affects us most than those things we experienced during our childhood.

And I sometimes wonder what the current generation will become when they’re grown-ups, and I can see some interesting facts about then now.

Kids are more difficult to entertain

The typical image of a kid playing with a stick and having lots of fun is a bit strange in developed countries right now. Children are used to getting thousands of vivid images per second, and a stick cannot compete against the playstation, Spiderman movies or their smartphones.

I believe it’s great that we’ve evolved in such a way, but it might also mean that when they’re adults, they might have more problems to concentrate. However; I’m sure they’ll overcome that soon.

I remember when I was a school boy and some teachers said that using a calculator would make us stupid in the future, because we won’t be able to calculate anything without one, and I think we’re pretty much all right I’d say.


We encourage children to read and produce proper pieces of writing, but they spend most of their lives texting on their phone with the CU, ttul, lol & all that stuff.

This can be seen as language evolution, or an attack to proper language. Some believe people will not write correctly in the future, which I think it’s something quite stupid.

Many people cannot spell correctly, nor write correctly in their own languages, and they didn’t have text messages when they were young.

Your writing skills depend on how educated you are, not on using smartphones. Educated people will have the ability to vary from one written language to another, and illiterate people will continue confusing things up.

Teenage years

Some of my students eventually wear make-up in the class at a quite young age. It’s not that I know much about make-up, but I can clearly remember mum telling my sister not to wear make-up at that age.

Boys become little men sooner, and it seems they do not follow the traditional way we grew up. Humans have the longest childhood, but this has recently been shortened because kids become teenagers sooner.

The reason for this is obvious, an 11-year-old girl who appears in Disney channel is dressed like a super model and is only talking about dating boys.

So adolescence has expanded for humans. This gives us a brand new perspective, as games have become more like adults’ social life it seems the new generation is more prepared for a life in the city.

In spite of this, playing games at childhood is extremely good, and I think parents should encourage them to play more traditional games.

Parents and children are closer now

It is quite difficult to say, but I have the impression that parents and children are closer now than us with our parents. The reasons for this is that children become teenagers sooner, and parents try to be like teenagers for a longer period.

So it seems there’s a point in which they have things in common. I remember my parents as the respectful gentleman and lady, and not much like friends.

But anyway, I don’t have children and I am still a teenager in many ways (I play in a rock band and I don’t want to grow-up!) so who am I to give an opinion on these matters?


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