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It doesn’t matter how smart you are, it doesn’t matter what your motivation is or how you handle your dreams. The only thing that can make you thrive is:


My mind is always trying to get new ways of doing things more effectively, and I definitely want to improve in many aspects of my life, so I sometimes use internet for something interesting and not just surfing for motorcycles or music stuff.

I was very lucky last weekend when I found about Dr Angela Lee Duckworth and I listened to this short masterclass.

So… what is really gritting?

It was long ago since I realized that IQ was a good value, but not something really remarkable about students. The multiple intelligence theory reinforced my idea, but this is something even better, especially for those of you who struggle.

Knowing that gritters do better in basically any field can help us improve ourselves. Even if we are natural-born gritters we can still do thing a bit better.

It is also in agreement with the three rules for learning a language, but I apparently named it after the “never give-up” slogans. However; the term grit seems to include other parameters such as constant work on long-term basis.

Amanda and Johnny

I love all my students, but you have to understand that my very first class has a special place in my heart. I was younger, and they were just kids, and they’ve already turned adults quicker than I expected.

The thing is that it was a class mostly formed by girls. It was just a couple of boys there, and there was Johnny. He is a very funny person and so he was when he was a kid, but he’s very clumsy.

Johnny usually fell off the chair, had silly mistakes and it took him far longer than anyone else to learn or to do whatever, it didn’t matter what.

Amanda was the most popular girl in the class, she was a very pretty girl who always wore nice clothes and seemed perfect. She was also so smart she didn’t even have to study to get great marks.

Johnny was desperately in love with her, I noticed, and she only saw him as a good friend. Amanda helped Johnny in many occasions when he was struggling in the class and always showed superior abilities.

But Johnny would never ever hesitate to do whatever he had to do. He would study everyday, work everyday and he didn’t really matter how much effort anything involved. Amanda became a worse student as they passed to higher courses, while Johnny continued gritting to the most of his powers.

Amanda left high-school, regretted it after some time, went back again and she really struggled to get to university. Johnny is doing his studies in medicine in the university of Granada right now, getting impressive results and I am absolutely sure he will be a great doctor soon.

But he is still as clumsy as ever, it is just he has a capacity to make an effort much bigger than any other of all the students I’ve ever had.

That is the real meaning of grit, and that’s why gritters will triumph. More to come on this topic soon in order to help you grit. Meanwhile…

Keep Thinking!


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