Space Children

True-color picture of Saturn assembled from Vo...It won’t be long that the first human is born outside the blue planet, and then, what would happen?

Exploring outer space is not science-fiction anymore. Things didn’t happen as the old sci-fi suggested and we still haven’t been attacked by the skinny big-headed green men, but space has already changed us.

Image of Earth showing the Galapagos Islands. ...

The moon

Our only satellite has been seen as a deity, a romantic feature and a strange face looking at us during the night before it was colonised by humans. Now it’s a reality.

But will we ever live in the moon? In Mars? Anywhere else? We will probably leave our planet one day, and some people will become extraterrestrial.

The star society

What will happen to those who live outside? They will learn new vocabulary and live a different reality, but being born in Earth, they would just be a continuation of our same cultures.

But what about their children? Children born in a society change that society in a little way, as each generation include their new perspective. After six or seven, you can definitely notice the change.

So star children will firstly develop their own slang. I really doubt it is going to be anything similar to what their peers are speaking on Earth. A different situation need different words, and space-craft parts will represent a much more important vocabulary than most of the words youngsters are using on any other situation.

New humans

In an absence of gravity, muscles and bones get dramatically affected, or should I say evolved for the new environment? Humans born out of Earth will no longer be like us, they’ll probably represent a new variety of the species.

And varieties form different species when isolated long enough. You just have to see what goes on in many island on the planet, with the Galapagos as a very clear example of this.

And different dialects will also turn into different languages. I would just be a matter of time for them to create a new source of communication, at least if communication is not broken with Earth.

We can easily see similar examples on Earth, just listen how the Aussie English sounds compared to British English, and you will get a clue of how languages evolve even though Australia and UK have had enough communication.

So who knows what the future will bring… who knows! Meanwhile, I just invite you to live your present life and enjoy it to the most.


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