English: Traditional Devil's Food Birthday Cake

Do you forget things? Is your memory ok? What happens when we forget something?

Human memory is an overrated asset we have. There’s no need to say it is great to remember things, but memory is very tricky.

Happy Birthday!

My greatest moment was when I forgot my own birthday, and my mom phoned me and I became really surprised about the fact that I had forgotten it!

I tend to forget people’s birthdays, and I am very bad when it comes to remember dates.

But memory is selective, and I’ve reached a conclusion about it, we remember what we really are interested in remembering. I know I would have never forgotten AC/DC‘s date in Madrid.

Cliff Williams, picture taken in 1981 during A...

Know what you will forget

Most adults can make a self-study and get to know what things we forget the most. You won’t have any problem with the important things, like my concert. However; you might have to make an effort to remember dinner at you mother in law’s.

But in the time of technology, we have discovered a great device to help you remember! The notepad.

Study your memory

We can get assisted by many different methods these days, an alarm in your smart-phone would help too. So try to note down those facts you have the tendency to forget.

And what to do when we really need to memorize? Well, in that case, memory’s best friend is repetition. We memorize naturally that thing we repeat.

According to the multiple intelligence theory, if you are a visual, pictures will help you to remember. If you prefer moving your body, it’s walking while repeating; singing for musical intelligences and always remember this:

The best method to make you remember something, is the one that works on you. No matter what works in others or what any expert says. Know yourself.

Mood can also affect your memory, as we cannot feel open to a new knowledge when we’re worried. So remember to feel right while studying and take it easy. You’ll do better if you feel relaxed and work non stop.

There are no miracle short-cuts to studying or learning, or memorizing.

Understand! You parrot!

Parrots are amazing as they twist our minds when they speak. Well, they don’t actually, they imitate us tremendously well.

Parrot rgb15

Some students study as if they were parrots. They use their great memory skills to memorize an entire sequence they do not understand, and they spit it out in an exam.

This ability can do well in different circumstances, but it shouldn’t be students’ life reality, as remember, memory is an overrated feature. Our real power resides in understanding!


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