The secret gift

We were all born gifted. We arrived to this world defenceless and crying, but we have the miracle of speaking right inside ourselves.

It was one sunny afternoon of a beautiful Summer day, and people were coming from the beach back home. The streets were full of sun tanned faces and flip-flops.

The main reason why you can always recognise a spanish crowd is because they’re speaking non stop. We are one of the most talkative societies in the world, and gossip was definitely invented here.

Taken for granted

We shall not forget the immense greatness of communication, as we’re the only animal who can do it. We take it for granted while it is actually a blessing.

But where does it come from?

The origin of speaking

It seems at a certain point in our development as a species, we suddenly learnt to speak. Speaking monkeys, probably the worst joke of creation!

You can find more about the origin of languages on this blog, but I want to derive the topic more to the magic realm.


For those of you with a baby child near it must be something magical to see that moment in which a human learn how to speak.

The gen FOXP32 explains a bit, linguists around the world also try to make us understand, but as Noam Chomsky states, we don’t really know.

Things we cannot fully explain will always have that fantastic magic point.


There’s a bright light inside each one of us when it comes to discuss about languages. I know my words could easily get mixed with religion, magic or soul, but I’d also like them to be linked to science itself.

As a species, we were born to speak, and that’s what we do best. Our entire body and mind get focused on the task and we cannot help it, we have to speak.

I can clearly see this light in children, who are innocent of spirit and the greatest learners of the planet, as their minds are still empty, and their pride does not exist.

Bad experiences, bad teachers and ageing extinguish the fire in ourselves, and we start analyzing a foreign language from our own, which does not help us at all. Translating slows you down.

But some students manage to see the world as if they were still kids, and they can learn a language easily by letting go all the handicaps you may think of. These guys are heroes.

And we can all be, it is just a matter of attitude above everything else. There’s no denying, every happy student, is a succesful student. As our worries vanish behind a smile, and our subconscious mind can interpret the language and make your conscious part learn.

The process is actually simpler than what it seems. Then we have the typical problems, mostly summarized as GRAMMAR. Well, those are the game rules of every language, and it’s a must understand thing.

But do you really understand grammar in your own language? Do you really know it all from your mother tongue? Grammar helps, but it’s not the only thing you need to know.

Neither is vocabulary, as you do not know all the words from your own language either.

Communication between two people is all that matters, and we can all achieve that in any language sooner than expected if the situation requires, or if we play like a child.

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