Don’t take it too seriously

Two different ways of taking life, as if you were living a joke, or as if you were in a thriller. We all want to believe our own fairy tale, but are we really that funny?

We all wish a better life, we all desire our best chances and results, we are all dreamers, but we do not get things the same way.

We need determination in order to reach our expectations, and amazingly, taking things too seriously is not a good idea.


When we are responsible for something, we easily become preoccupied. The difference is huge. You are responsible when you are in command of the task, and you’re preoccupied when the whole situation is controlling you.

The never give up advice which I always tell my students can be a bit tricky, as people tend to worry a bit too much, which is not what I intend.

The point in the middle

There’s always a middle point in everything where we can find the balance. Don’t worry too much, but do not ignore it too much either.

Don't Happy, Be Worry

Your responsibilities are no difference to this, so you have to find that point in which you can live a normal life, and you do not leave too many things undone.

Language learning

Learning a language is probably one of the most stressing things people can face. Don’t tell me why, as language teachers are normally nice people -I might not be, but I know most of my colleagues are- who would try anything to help you learn.

But students freak-out too often, and I have talked about that in many occasions, we invent our own fears, and we believe them.

It’s something I find fascinating, but the older part of our brain is always worried about our lives, and unless we learn to behave a bit differently when we’re doing something as normal as attending classes, our brains always think we’re at risk.

So the answer there is quite simple…

Don’t take it too seriously

Enjoy the learning process at all times, and learn to laugh at yourself, it works.

Keep Thinking!

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