The Butterfly effect

I would have never met you unless…

It was a fresh night, a bit cold for Southern Spain I guess, and we all gathered in the same place where we used to.

It was just another night, another bloody normal night chatting with friends until bed time, and it came to time to say farewell.

On my way home, one of the guys at the meeting stopped my car putting his in front just to suggest a drink at a local pub. I wasn’t really in the mood even though I thought of it before, but going with him seemed more appealing.

So we headed forth and went there. Another normal night, another normal drink, and another normal conversation.

My friend decides to leave, and I was already in the mood, so there I stayed a bit longer and ordered another beer. There was rock music on the atmosphere and enough space to think as well as enough people to hang with. Ideal.

And suddenly, she appeared. I hadn’t noticed her at all, even though she’d been there longer than I had, and there she still was.

She looked at me directly in the soul, and five minutes later we were sharing our lives and thoughts, and we lived happily ever after.

DP Challenge.

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