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I wonder many times, how is it possible that girls are so way ahead than boys at school?

Women have been seen as the weak of the human species, which is unfair as I think women tend to be stronger than men.

Their physical condition makes them physically weaker than men, but they’re more flexible on the other hand and nobody tells that story, but anyway, who cares? We’re not living in the jungles anymore.


Girls become teenagers sooner than boys, they tend to be more mature in their early years -yeah, in adulthood too- and pay more attention to what they do than boys.

So it is no surprise they get better results, but why is it so generally spread?

Girls (comics)


We are teaching our boys great values of respect, but we’re also teaching them to continue other archaic stuff in a different way.

We tell them in schools about equal rights, and then they watch the latest Hollywood movie with the super strong hero, the super hot chick, and the super evil villain.

It could be better if we showed them the video below so they see what a bunch of girls can do.

Women rebellion

Women are secretly rebelling against the macho society, and they’re so clever they’re winning without most men noticing it until we lose another battle.

It’s actually great that changes are coming at last, and I tend to think we’ve been so stupid for having ignored 50% of society for so long. We could have double of technology, solutions, philosophy, medicine… double of everything!

Men’s action

We desperately need some men’s action to keep up women’s evolution and we can finally start sharing everything. Because we’re different, but we have the same rights, the same opportunities and the same responsibility for our world.

It is the time for a real society that feels plenty with every single person in it, no matter anything else.

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