Why do we abandon?

English: The Eiffel Tower from below.How comes that many people sign up for classes and they end up angry and in the end they hate the subject?

The average student who fails learning a second language or any other subject follows a very well-known path. The good thing is that by knowing what could happen, we can also avoid it.


Mary Mill decides to study French. It was not a sudden decision, but it appeared to her like so as that language had been going in and out of her head for years. Watching a documentary about the Eiffel Tower triggered the aim and she now wants to speak French desperately. She imagines a class full of nice people, a handsome french teacher and croissants in a café.


When she comes into the language school, the teacher was not handsome but an ugly old woman who was not even french, as she hadn’t realized french teachers can also be Canadian. The time schedule does not fit her properly, but she can re-adapt. Classes are definitely more expensive than expected -anything more than nothing is- and she’s the last in the class as the others have been there longer. “No problem, I have to go on”

The teacher

Watching a new student coming in is always a great thing to happen, especially if you earn money based on the number of people you teach. However; why can’t they come at the beginning of the school year? Students who dream of learning are great, but dreaming does not always mean to give whatever it takes, so the ugly old lady wonders whether Mary Mill will be another student, or someone who will stand out of the crowd.

The classmates

A new student in the class… Men: Umm, she might be single…Jiminy Cricket: You’re not!!!!!!!!!!! Women: Umm, she is not that pretty anyway… -Jiminy Cricket: Neither are you!!!!!!

Classroom issues

Mary Mill dreamt of speaking, and there she is, doing some exercises from an activity book, copying verb conjugations and unable to speak. When the teachers asks her a question, she freezes and cannot move nor speak. Not a single word comes out of her mouth, and she even wants to cry sometimes. The more she comes to classes, the more she hates french. F**k croissants, I’d rather have a pizza and some anti pasti and learn Italian.

What happens from a neuro scientific point of view

What happens to us would normally produce an emotion in our mind, and we’ve learnt it is always that way. But Richard Bandler came in and told us something different, that we can decide how we feel and act in accordance to the greates of moods. He calls that NLP, and it really works. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q03YJVpm2J8

In my opinion…

So the big issue is not french, it is not the teacher, it’s not the classmates, it’s nothing but the impressions Mary Mill had in her head at all times.

Had she continued with the mood at the beginning, she’d have thrived, but she didn’t. Instead, she changed up her mind and started feeling frustrated.

Difficult tasks cannot be called difficult, they should be called challenging. Having the oportunity to be taught is something quite unique we do not value yet. Most of the world’s population struggle to get an education or cannot even dream of it. We, westerners have it for granted and yet we don’t use it enough.

Things are not what you want them or expected them to be,  they are what they are. Ugly teachers are among the best teachers 😉 Keep Thinking!


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