The Benefits of Sport

English: Cat lying on a couch.


Do you practice sport regularly? We cannot imagine all the benefits sport can have in our lives, so whether you are a sports-person or a sofa lier, you should read this post!



After the astonishing figure of 10 minutes, a sofa starts to feel uncomfortable unless you lie down. Sofa lying is among my favourite hobbies, specially with the TV on, munchies and drinks.


But try not to over indulge yourself too much and only do it after some hard work. I believe we can have a bit of everything in life.


Red sofa




I will not claim the obvious benefits derived from sport, as I think we all know how good it is for our health and how our cardio vascular system will last longer.


Any sport needs perseverance, which is our main asset for learning or achieving whatever we want.


Sports and languages


The ability to commit is a common feature both language learners or sports people need. Some people are better than others at committing, but it should never stop you from your dreams.


Building up a routine takes 21 days, more or less, and an entire life of taking care of that acquired routine so we don’t lose it, which is not something really difficult.


If you want to build up a routine, you must plan ahead and think of how to avoid the typical distractions you normally have in your life. You perfectly know them, and you need to decide.


Distractions can be seen as something I’d like to stop doing, or something I want to keep doing. One way or another, they shouldn’t bother you to reach your goal.


There’s plenty of time in a life-time, and plenty of time in a whole day to fulfil all our needs, the secret is organisation!


Your mind must remain focused on your goal at all times. Especially when hard tasks appeared and we literally suffer.


Sweating is only the proof that you’re doing well. A bit of pain can even become something good.


Never give up before you make it.


Practice your commitment using a calendar and marking when you miss, and when you thrive.

Learn to play a musical instrument, nothing as much fun and better for commitment.

By the way, the term sofa lier refers to a person lying on a sofa, Homer Simpson style, beer in one hand, a sandwich on the other and the remote control on the belly.


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